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More than 20 years of experience

Chip-tuningfiles.com is the place where you will be serviced by experienced experts for the lowest price
for this kind of quality and reliability. But, what is chiptuning? It consists of modifying the OEM ECU in
order to provide more power, torque, or better efficiency. This can be highly beneficial, both in terms of
performance and efficiency, but it can also be detrimental if the tuning is not done properly, or if it is
performed without extensive tests and following the manufacturers’ safety limits. This is why you should
choose us…

Increasing an engine’s power

Chiptuning is a process of increasing an engine’s power output without adding any aftermarket parts,
but only through ECU modifications. Manufacturers leave room for improvements for several reasons.
First of all, they make cars in series, which means that the same car has to comply with general
conditions in all countries, including weather and temperature, servicing habits, driving conditions, fuel
quality in different markets, etc. Secondly, they often advertise increases in power outputs for every
new model, even when the new car uses an engine familiar from an older model. This is good for
marketing purposes, but it also means that the engine was capable of more power while remaining
reliable in the first place. This is where we find our place. We can provide you with the total potential of
the engine in your car, but never going over the limits that the manufacturer considers safe, thus
carefully following the original software architecture, while dragging more power from it. This increase
can range from about 15% to about 35% for turbocharged engines, or about 10% for naturally aspirated engines.

Why chip-tuningfiles.com?

We use only professional equipment from revered manufacturers, such as the CMDflash from Flashtec
and Ktag from Alientech, as well as WinOLS editing program. All of the information gathered through
these systems is reliable and true and checked several times using dyno-testing. The tuning files that
result from all this come from experienced engineers in our teams and ensure smooth and reliable
operation of the engine with the boosted power output. The car becomes more responsive, more
flexible and generally more capable, which provides more confidence and fun, as well as safety during
overtaking. Moreover, low-end torque is increased, so the car pulls more easily from lower RPMs, which
means the engine will ask for fewer downshifts. At the high end, the car has more power which
increases the top speed. And all of these benefits are completely safe for your engine.

Chip-tuningfiles is a part of Koelewijn B.V.

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  • My car is so much better after tuning. It responds a lot better and the power gain is more than noticeable. And the best of all, the whole thing was done incredibly quickly. I’ll tune every car I buy for sure.

    Ivan Golubev, Russia
  • I decided to upgrade my car, but with so many bad tuners out there it was not an easy decision. A friend recommended CTF to me and I can’t be more grateful. My BMW is faster, more responsive and a joy to drive.

    Jordy Hoekstra - Netherlands
  • Perfect tuning files, great prices, incredibly easy and quick process of getting the files and a great support from their staff. My life could have been a lot easier had I found you guys earlier.

    Alex D - Germany
  • Best chip tuning files on the market. I’ve already used them on a number of cars and I still haven’t had a single complaint from any customer.

    Lucas Rousseau - France