5 coins are €350 €500,-
(€70,- per file)

15 coins are €825 €1195,-
(€55,- per file)

20 coins are €995 €1395,-
(€49,- per file)

Our file bundle plans are straightforward and simple to understand. The best thing is that there are no hidden surprises.
The more you buy the cheaper our files get. We can assure you that we are one of the most affordable file suppliers out there. The quality of our files is always the best. It doesn’t matter if you buy a file occasionally or in bulk - all our files are made with quality, power and safety in mind.

What we offer:

  • Chiptuning Stage 1,2,3
  • Transmission tuning files
  • Agri & Truck & Boat tuning files
  • ECO tuning files
  • MAF removal
  • Sport Displays Calibration
  • Readiness Calibration
  • Torquemonitoring off
  • Adblue removal
  • DPF removal - FAP off
  • EGR removal - AGR off
  • DTC removal
  • Swirl flaps removal
  • NOX removal
  • O2-lambda / Decat
  • IMMO removal
  • VMAX speedlimit removal
  • Crackle and Pops
  • Sportbutton on/off
  • Original file
  • Start Stop removal
  • Special requests
  • Limited mappack

New Price List

1 Coin for Stage1, EGR, DPF or Speed limiters files... for any vehicle type. It does not matter if it’s a car, truck, tractor or boat.

2 Coins for Stage1 combined with EGR, DPF or any other delete options

2 Coins for Stage2 combined or not with EGR, DPF or any other delete options

3 Coins for Stage3

Why choose us!

Highest quality for the lowest price

The only reason why we can offer high quality files for such a low price is because we do a lot of files on a daily base. The higher the number of files we sell the easier we earn back our investment in development. This is the main reason for our low prices. You can take advantage of this.

Tuning is our core business - we are very good at it

We do nothing else. We are trained by top automotive engineers from the OEM field and we work together with universities. We develop new solutions daily and calibrate ECUs with EVC WinOLS in combination with Damos and FRM. This is the only correct way to modify engines. In case of reverse engineering we use tools like IDA Pro.

All files are made by our own skilled team of engineers.

This makes fine tuning possible. In case you have an issue or want something special, we can do it, since we develop the files ourselves. By the way, 90% of our files are dyno tested.

We have more than 120 dedicated dealers worldwide.

The advantage of this is that for vast majority of the files you upload, we have already developed a good solution. Another advantage is that we can prevent you from making errors by advising you what tool or protocol to use for your specific ECU.

Example Damos + Chip tuningfile Ford Mustang 2.3STCI MED17.2.2 Inside WinOLS



28/09/23 Opel Astra-J 1.6 Turbo – 180.0HP / 132.4KW ( 2011 ) with ACDelco ECU – Tuning Files Available
27/09/23 MB Cls 350 – 302.0HP / 222.1kW ( 2011 ) with Bosch ECU – Tuning Files Available
26/09/23 MB ML ML 350 CDI – 230.0HP / 169.2kW ( 2011 ) with Bosch ECU – Tuning Files Available
25/09/23 MB C Klasse 2.2 – 120.0HP / 88.3kW ( 2011 ) with Delphi ECU – Tuning Files Available
24/09/23 MB E / E Coupe 2.2 CDI – 136.0HP / 100.0kW ( 2011 ) with Delphi ECU – Tuning Files Available
23/09/23 MB SL 550CGI – 435.0HP / 319.9kW ( 2011 ) with Bosch ECU – Tuning Files Available
22/09/23 MB CLS CLS 63 AMG Bi-Turbo – 525.0HP / 386.1kW ( 2011 ) with Bosch ECU – Tuning Files Available
21/09/23 MB SLK – – 204.0HP / 150.0kW ( 2011 ) with Siemens/Continental ECU – Tuning Files Available
20/09/23 MB CLS CLS 350 CDI – 265.0HP / 194.9kW ( 2011 ) with Bosch ECU – Tuning Files Available
19/09/23 MB C – – 200.0HP / 147.1kW ( 2011 ) with Siemens/Continental ECU – Tuning Files Available


  • My car is so much better after tuning. It responds a lot better and the power gain is more than noticeable. And the best of all, the whole thing was done incredibly quickly. I’ll tune every car I buy for sure.

    Ivan Golubev, Russia
  • I decided to upgrade my car, but with so many bad tuners out there it was not an easy decision. A friend recommended CTF to me and I can’t be more grateful. My BMW is faster, more responsive and a joy to drive.

    Jordy Hoekstra - Netherlands
  • Perfect tuning files, great prices, incredibly easy and quick process of getting the files and a great support from their staff. My life could have been a lot easier had I found you guys earlier.

    Alex D - Germany
  • Best chip tuning files on the market. I’ve already used them on a number of cars and I still haven’t had a single complaint from any customer.

    Lucas Rousseau - France