Tuning File: Pop and Bang on Sport Button For Fiat 124 Spider available!


crackle and pops available for: bosch med9x med17x me7x mevd17x mg1x, siemens continental simos8 simos12x simos18x msd8x msvx – crackle solutions for many cars


Stage 1 / Stage 2 / Catalyst Off & Pop and Bang available for BMW X5 – additional 112 hp & 120Nm


Tuning File: BMW F90 M5 For Bosch MG1CS201 ECU – additional 100 hp & 120 Nm


Tuning File: BMW M2 For Bosch MEVD17.2.G ECU – additional 60 hp & 140 Nm


Tuning File: BMW S 1000 RR – Up to 215 hp and 88 lb-ft


crackle and pops on sportmode available for: BMW MG1, MEVD17, MSD8x, MSV / VAG Siemens Simos18 / Porsche Siemens SDI


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new tuning files: Ac Delco E86 Chevrolet, Bosch MED17.1.1 MED17.1.61 MED17.1.62 Audi, SID208 Land Rover Ford, SID209 Ford, SIM2K-241 TC1767 Hyundai, SIM2K-241 TC1738 Hyundai, SIM2K-241 TC1767 Kia, SIM2K-260 Hyundai, SIM2K-260 Kia, SIM2K-305 Hyundai, SIM2K-305 Kia, SIM2K-341 TC1738 Hyundai, Delphi DCM3.7 Chevrolet Holden Seat Skoda VW, Denso 112431-4840 Scion Subaru Toyota, Denso 275036-1150 76F0039GD Toyota, Denso 275036-5280 76F0085 Toyota, Denso MB279700-9621 Volvo, Denso SH1 Mazda, Denso SH72543 Subaru, Hitachi DEF003 SH72543 Subaru. Transtron 4Jxx Isuzu, Transtron 4Jxx Isuzu, Valeo V50 Dacia Renault, Renault Valeo VD46.1 Peugeot, Denso 32920-17Kxx Suzuki, Denso 32920-17Kxx TC Suzuki, Caterpillar A5X12I1 Orvex, CNH KUBOTA 1851862-30 Case Ih, Delphi DCM3.3 SH72543 JCB, Denso 275722-7380 Kubota


new tuning files: Toyota Denso 275036-6941 275036-7581 – BMW ME17.2.4 BMS-MP – Mitsubishi F8T86571 – Suzuki 33920-98J80 – Mitsubishi E6T32xxx – Cummins Tigercat Motorola CM2250 – DAF DCU15 – Aebi Schmidt EDC17C49 – International EDC7C1 – Peterbilt CM2250 – Mercedes Benz Truck HDEP MCM2.1 – Case IH Doosan New Holland DCM3.7AP – Terex Atlas Cummins CMS570


new tuning files: Ford EDC17CP05 – Volvo EDC17CP22 EDC17CP48 EDC17CP68 – VAG ME17.5.22 – PSA ME17.9.71 – Ford MED17.0.7 – MEVD17.8.4 – Mercedes Benz Delphi CRD3.E1 CRD3P – Hyundai Kia Delphi DCM6.2AP


new tuning files: DENSO VEA MB279700-9621 Petrol and Diesel


new tuning files: BMW MOTORRAD BOSCH ME17.2 BMS-X K1600 R1200 S1000


new tuning files: For all Chrysler Dodge Fiat Jeep FCA Continental GPEC2A


new tuning files: Dodge Ram 5.7 FCA Continental GPEC2A


02/07/20 Peugeot 208 1.5 BlueHDI (2019) 100.0hp / 73.5kW – Tuning Files Available
02/07/20 BMW F90 M5 4.4 Turbo (2019) 600hp / 441.3kW – Tuning Files Available
02/07/20 BMW F90 M5 4.4 Turbo (2019) 600.0hp / 441.3kW – Tuning Files Available
01/07/20 BMW F97 X3M 3.0 Turbo (2019) 470.0hp / 345.7kW – Tuning Files Available
01/07/20 BMW G8x 3.0 Turbo (2019) 470.0hp / 345.7kW – Tuning Files Available
30/06/20 BMW G80 M3/M4 3.0 Turbo (2019) – – Tuning Files Available
29/06/20 BMW F87 M2 Competition 3.0 Turbo (2019) 410.0hp / 301.6kW – Tuning Files Available
29/06/20 BMW F87 M2 3.0 Turbo (2019) 410.0hp / 301.6kW – Tuning Files Available
28/06/20 BMW F87 M2 Competition 3.0 Turbo (2019) 411.0hp / 302.3kW – Tuning Files Available
27/06/20 BMW M F80/F81/F82 M4 3.0 Turbo (2019) 430hp / 316.3kW – Tuning Files Available


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